Pinecrest Remembrance Services Ltd

Pinecrest Memorial Services offers personalized services at Pinecrest Cemetery and Highland Park Cemetery, for families in Ottawa and the surrounding areas in need of cemetery, cremation, funeral and planning. We give families the choice that they feel they want in celebrating a person’s life at the time of their death. Products and services: Cemetery Merchandise: cemetery lots for upright or bronze flat markers for memorialization, in-door and out-door ground entombment and mausoleums, memorial wall entombment with memorial walls. Cremation Choices: above ground in and out-door columbarium walls or inurnment in in-door columbarium walls, inurnment in an urn garden or memorialization in an existing family plot, inurnment in a family plot. Funeral Service Planning: Help families with information at a need or on a pre-need basis for assistance in commemorating a loved ones life in a personalized way. Favorite Part of OXA: I’ve been a member for over 35 years and my favorite part of OXA is the interaction between members and camaraderie. And as people get to know you better, they refer family and friends to you because they feel confident in you.