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Membership Exclusivity

Executives’ Associations do not necessarily seek the biggest Firms, only the best. Executives’ Associations seek Firms that will proactively participate in exchanging qualified business leads among fellow members.

Membership in the Ottawa Executives’ Association belongs to the Firm, and the Ottawa Executives’ Associations has a policy of “One Firm Per Business Classification”. By doing so, a qualifying company is guaranteed exclusivity in that category with a distinct advantage of promoting their business to a select “Executive Sales Team” — a team that will in turn provide the Member Firm with business leads and referrals.


OXA exists only for the exchange of business, leads, referrals and business information. It is not a service club and is apolitical. Exclusivity: there is only one member firm representing each of the many business classifications specified by the Board. The assigned business classification represents 60-80% of the business activity of the member firm. This “exclusivity” eliminates competition between members of the Association.

OXA originated in 1935-1936. It is the longest surviving business association in eastern Ontario. It is a founding member of the International Executives’ Association which is comprised of over 40 similar organizations across North America and in the U.K.. Charter Members of OXA include: Armstrong & Richardson Limited and Hulse Playfair & McGarry Funeral Homes.

Membership surveys completed on a regular basis indicate that millions of dollars in business is generated each year between members through direct business, good leads, and referrals that lead to business. Members frequently give testimony to the fact that aside from business itself, OXA has become their source of business acumen and advice.

In OXA, success is measured in dollars and sense!


Q: Are there costs involved in joining OXA?

There are three costs:

  1. A one-time initiation fee
  2. An annual membership fee
  3. A monthly meeting fee
Q: What categories are currently open/available?

The Open Classification List document has a list of categories currently available for membership with the OXA.

Don’t see a category that fits your business in the list, contact our Executive Coordinator, Jennifer Baker at 613-702-4465 or by email at to discuss how we might be able to accommodate you.

Q: How can I become a member?

The most common method of introduction to OXA, and to the membership proposal process, is through referral/sponsorship by a current member. However, interested parties may telephone the Executive Coordinator – Jennifer Baker, Marshfield Association Management at (613) 702-4465 for further information.

Q: Are there criteria for membership?

The main criterion is that there is no current member in the business classification of the prospective member and that the business activity of the new member will not infringe upon that of any existing member.

Additional criteria include:
•    the prospective member must have been in business for over 1 year
•    the prospective member must be the business owner or a key decision maker within the company who has direct influence on the firms
      purchasing and selling powers as well as the authority to represent and bind their company.
•    the prospective member has the availability to attend weekly luncheon meetings
•    the prospective member has the availability to attend occasional evening meetings for onsite and social events
•    the prospective member is not a member of another business networking organization

Once these hurdles are cleared, the new member prospect must complete an application form which includes a credit check. The Board of Directors must approve each membership proposal and it is then published to the Association for seven days. Objections must be received in writing within seven days of publication and the Board of Directors will then consider such objection.

Q: Who represents the member firm at meetings, etc.?

An Executive Member is approved at the time of application for membership. This Executive Member must be the business owner or a key decision maker within the company who has direct influence on the firms purchasing and selling powers as well as has the authority to represent and bind the company.

An approved associate, who holds the same or similar position to the above, may also represent the firm as an “Alternate” member, on a limited basis.

Q: Why must the members meet every week? How can they afford the time?

OXA members view the weekly meetings, on sites, and other scheduled events as their most important appointment of the week: where else can you make contact with 50-70 business leaders from our community in one room?

Weekly meetings, which are mandatory, allow each member the opportunity to keep themselves, their products and services, up front and foremost in the minds of their fellow members.

In business, out of sight is out of mind …

Q: Are members obligated to do business with each other?

Members are obligated to request a quote or tender if they require a product or service that is provided by a fellow member. All things being equal, they are expected to retain the services of a fellow member.

Q: How many members are there in OXA?

Over the past decade, membership has averaged 80-85 member firms.