Nutri-Lawn Ottawa

Nutri-Lawn is a locally owned lawn care company that specializes in Ottawa agronomics. Lawns in the Ottawa region require a special kind of attention. This is why our staff is trained for grass types, a tempered zone and mono-culture; specific to the Ottawa region. This is why we create, custom-blend use a special fertilizer, top dressing and seed that works exceptionally well in Ottawa. And if our customers require immediate assistance, that’s no problem. We’re in every neighborhood, every day.

Lawn Care Services (Residential & Commercial) 1) Lawn and Tree Fertilization 2)Weed Control 3)Grub Control 4) Chinch Bug Control 5) Core Aeration 6) Overseeding 7) Top Dressing 8) Agronomic Analysis

In-Ground Sprinkler Systems visit 1) Installations 2) Satellite Controllers 3) Systems Start Ups 4) Mid-Season Check 5) Fall-Winterizer 6) Factory Trained Technicians –All Major Brands Christmas

Décor visit 1) Residential & Commercial 2) Spectacular Exterior Light 3) Exclusive LED Lighting

Favorite Part of OXA: I’ve been a member since 2008 and my favorite part of OXA is that I’m always chatting with other guys at lunch and hearing their stories of issues that come up and how they handle them. There’s a reassurance in knowing that when I deal with these guys, I deal with the best-of-the-best.