Hertz Car & Truck Rentals and Leasing

We are the largest independent leasing company for vehicles, equipment and anything else, you name it. Because we are unaffiliated with the banks, we are able to provide an alternative source of financing and can set the terms of each contract, based upon each customer’s financial and transportation needs. Products and services: 1) Depending upon your circumstances, we can get you any make and model of truck or car that is domestic or import for a short term 12 month or a long term 60 month leasing program. 2) We offer a guarantee buy-back program with an equity option 3) We locate 90% of vehicles or equipment you want and import it from Toronto, Montreal and out of province. 4) We rent Hertz cars and trucks such as 24 foot straight trucks, vans, cargo vans and 16 foot cube trucks Favorite Part of OXA: I’ve been a member for 11 years and my favorite part of OXA is I’ve met some great people, have received and unbelievable number of referrals. We’ve done so well at OXA and the other business owners have been so good to me that I’ve been asked to represent Surgenor National Leasing at OXA.