Browns Cleaners

Browns Cleaners goes beyond dry cleaning. We are a high-end full-service cleaning company that consistently wins the Consumers Choice award, for 14 years in a row because we raise the industry standard, when it comes to: cleaning expertise, the quality of how everything is cleaned and presented, the breadth of cleaning services and the level of convenience provided to all who use our services. 1. Our expertise is demonstrated by our staff’s knowledge of when to dry clean, wash, wet clean, use a non-immersion technique, steam clean or hand wash. Because every employee has 1 specific task, they become experts, in that one specific task. 2. Our quality is demonstrated by: our use of environmentally-friendly and allergen-free products, our licensed, high-end, sanitone, master cleaner, detergent with sizing; to rejuvenate and put body back into fabrics, the use shot hangers; to prevent pants from creasing, our use of clipped skirt hangers; so customers can reuse the hangers that protect the material they have cleaned, our use of large steam tunnels for a gentler method of achieving a wrinkle-free, pressed garments; to relax the fabric before it goes into pressers and our use of a state-of-the-art, top-of-the-line, shirt pressing unit with grade of poly; so higher end clothing has a lower risk of tearing. 3. And our convenience and service, is demonstrated by: the multitude of services we offer, our 25 locations throughout Ottawa; so customers can drop off and pick up their items at any location and we can pick up and deliver dry cleaning to our customers’ homes, twice a week, for no additional cost.

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