Art Woods Office Supplies Inc.

Art Woods Office Supplies is a 100% Canadian and privately-owned company. For over
60 years we have been servicing the Commercial, Institutional and Public Sectors of
Eastern Canada.  We offer a full range of office supplies and office furniture solutions.
Our head office and distribution facilities are located at 2303 Stevenage Drive, Ottawa

We are a proud member of Novexco, operating under the BuroPLUS banner. BuroPLUS gives the market a new dynamism and allows local independent entrepreneurs to compete with all North American major industry players. BuroPLUS is also a member of BPGI (Business Product Group International) one of the major forces of negotiation, marketing, sales and distribution around the world. This collaboration has created an opportunity for the independent dealers to effectively compete against the power channel segment of our industry via negotiated programs as advantageous as those of worldwide organizations.